Essential Kamado Joe Accessories for Enhanced Cooking

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On our ongoing Kamado Journey, we've discovered several accessories that not only enhance our cooking experience with the Kamado Joe but also improve efficiency. While these accessories are not mandatory for cooking delicious meals, they significantly ease the process. Here, I'll share a list of the most used accessories that have made a notable difference in our cooking sessions. It's important to note that this list is just a starting point and is likely to evolve as we continue to explore and integrate more useful items.

1. Kamado Joe Jr Cart (Chariot)

The Kamado Joe Jr Cart, though a pricey addition, has been a game-changer for us. This cart makes it effortless to move the Kamado Joe around. It raises the cooking surface to a more comfortable height, eliminating the need to bend over while cooking. Additionally, it includes side tables and storage at the bottom of the cart, which are incredibly convenient. I find myself using this accessory every time I cook with the Kamado Joe.

2. Kick Ash Basket

The Kick Ash Basket, along with alternatives like the OnlyFire Charcoal Basket, is crucial for optimal airflow and charcoal management. Proper airflow is essential in a Kamado Joe for maintaining and controlling temperatures. The basket's mesh design and side handles allow you to shake off ash into the collector below easily. It also simplifies cleaning by letting you remove and save unburned charcoal pieces effortlessly.

3. Soapstone Cooking Surface

Choosing a soapstone as your cooking surface comes with multiple advantages. This natural material does not stain, is heat resistant, and is less prone to cracking, making it extremely durable. It's versatile enough for cooking smash burgers, baking pizzas, or even serving as a secondary heat deflector among other uses. The soapstone’s resilience and functionality make it an invaluable addition to our Kamado Joe setup.

4. Kick Ash Can

The Kick Ash Can, another indispensable tool, fits perfectly at the bottom of the Kamado Joe. It simplifies the process of ash collection and removal, which is crucial for maintaining good airflow. It is recommended to clear out the ash after every one or two cooking sessions, especially before long cooks such as when preparing brisket or pork butt.


These accessories, although not essential, significantly enrich the Kamado cooking experience by adding convenience and functionality. As we continue our journey with the Kamado Joe, we anticipate this list will grow and evolve, reflecting our experiences and discoveries. Whether you're a seasoned Kamado chef or just starting out, considering these accessories might just elevate your outdoor cooking game to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kamado Joe Accessories

Explore commonly asked questions about enhancing your grilling experience with Kamado Joe accessories. Whether you're considering an upgrade or looking for ways to streamline your cooking process, these FAQs provide insights and practical tips on making the most of your Kamado grill.

The Kamado Joe Jr Cart, often referred to as the Chariot, is an accessory that makes it easier to move your Kamado Joe around, raises the cooking surface for convenience, and adds storage and side tables.

A Kick Ash Basket enhances airflow and charcoal management, crucial for maintaining consistent temperatures and ease of cleaning by allowing you to remove ash and unused charcoal effortlessly.

Soapstone is durable, heat-resistant, and doesn't stain or crack easily, making it ideal for a variety of cooking methods like making pizzas, smash burgers, or serving as a heat deflector.

The Kick Ash Can fits into the bottom of your Kamado Joe to simplify ash removal, which is essential for maintaining optimal airflow and preparing the grill for long cooking sessions.

While not necessary, these accessories enhance the ease and efficiency of your cooking experience, making tasks simpler and the grill more versatile.

It's recommended to clean out the ash after every one to two uses, or before a long cook, to ensure optimal airflow and temperature control.

No, the Kamado Joe Jr Cart is designed to be sturdy and can handle various terrains, making it easy to move your grill around your yard or patio. However the wheels are on the smaller side so require a harder surface, but would have trouble moving through loose rock or dirt.

Yes, soapstone is naturally non-porous, making it easy to clean and maintain, unlike other porous cooking surfaces that might harbor bacteria.

Soapstone is great for cooking foods that benefit from even heat distribution, such as pizzas, pancakes, or foods that require searing like burgers and steaks.

Consider accessories that either enhance your cooking capability, such as the soapstone surface for diverse cooking options, or simplify your grilling process, like the Kamado Joe Jr Cart and Kick Ash Basket for better mobility and cleanup.