Upgrading Your Kamado Joe Jr with the Kick Ash Basket and Can

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If you've got a Kamado Joe Jr, keeping it clean and enhancing its performance can transform your grilling experience. Here's a rundown of how to thoroughly clean your grill and upgrade it with some nifty accessories to keep it running like the latest models.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

The first step in maintaining your Kamado Joe Jr involves removing all internal components, including the grill grate and the heat deflector assembly. Next, you'll want to clear out all the unburnt charcoal. It might seem like a small step, but it’s crucial for maintaining a clean and efficient grill.

Gather all the ash into the collector at the bottom of your Kamado. Using the ash tool provided with your grill, carefully scoop out the ash into a bucket—I prefer using a sturdy 5-gallon plastic bucket for this messy job. It’s important to manipulate the tool to get around the edges of the ash collector effectively. A pro tip here: rotate the tool so the outside edge points to the collector's outer edge, making it easier to gather all the ash.

Upgrading with the Kick Ash Basket and Can

Once your grill is free of ash and residual charcoal, it’s the perfect time to upgrade. I’ve opted for the Kick Ash Basket and the Kick Ash Can, which are standard in newer Kamado Joe models. These accessories are not just about keeping your grill clean; they significantly improve airflow and temperature control—key factors in successful grilling.

Kick Ash Basket

The Kick Ash Basket, or its alternative the OnlyFire Charcoal Basket, is designed to enhance charcoal handling and airflow. The basket's mesh design and side handles allow you to easily shake off ash directly into the collector. This not only helps maintain a clean grill but also ensures that you can easily remove and save unused charcoal pieces.

Kick Ash Can

Installing the Kick Ash Can is straightforward. This insert fits perfectly at the bottom of your Kamado Joe Jr, making ash collection a breeze. Regular removal of ash, recommended after every one or two uses or before a long cooking session, is essential for optimal airflow and maintaining the right temperatures.

Installation Tips

After cleaning your grill, place the Kick Ash Can at the bottom, followed by the Kick Ash Basket. Ensure both fit well within the fire ring and that the fire ring sits level on the firebox. It’s also crucial to check that your grill grate is level after installation to avoid any uneven cooking areas.

These upgrades not only align your Kamado Joe Jr with the latest model features but also simplify maintenance and enhance your overall grilling efficiency. Whether you're searing steaks or slow-cooking a brisket, these enhancements will ensure your grill is in top condition, ready to handle whatever you throw at it. So roll up your sleeves, and let’s make that Kamado Joe Jr shine!

Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading and Maintaining Your Kamado Joe Jr

Dive into these common questions about keeping your Kamado Joe Jr in top shape with essential cleaning tips and upgrades like the Kick Ash Basket and Can. Whether you're a seasoned griller or a beginner, these answers will help you enhance your grill's performance and ease of use.

Cleaning out your Kamado Joe Jr ensures that it operates efficiently, preventing old ash and charcoal from blocking airflow and affecting temperature control.

It is recommended to clean the ash out of your Kamado Joe Jr after every 1-2 uses, especially after long cooking sessions or when using greasy foods.

You'll need the ash tool that comes with your Kamado Joe, and a sturdy bucket, preferably a 5-gallon one, to collect the ash.

The Kick Ash Basket is an accessory designed to improve airflow and charcoal handling in your Kamado Joe by allowing easier ash shaking and charcoal management through its mesh design.

The Kick Ash Can is an insert that fits at the bottom of your Kamado Joe Jr, making it easier to collect and remove ash, thus enhancing airflow and grill efficiency.

After cleaning your grill, place the Kick Ash Can at the bottom, then put the Kick Ash Basket on top. Ensure both are properly aligned and fit within the fire ring.

While designed for the Kamado Joe Jr, check product specifications for compatibility with other models or contact customer support for guidance.

Improving airflow helps maintain a consistent temperature, which is crucial for cooking foods evenly and efficiently on your Kamado Joe.

It may require some maneuvering, especially around the edges of the ash collector. Rotating the tool so that its edge points to the collector's outer edge makes the process easier.

After installation, make sure the fire ring sits level on the firebox and that the grill grate is also level to ensure even cooking and prevent any operational issues.