Weber Searwood Announcement And initial Thoughts - Updated April 2024

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Weber has just lifted the lid on its latest outdoor cooking innovation, a Wood Pellet Grill that's already generating buzz among enthusiasts.

Introducing the Grill

A deep dive into one of their flagship models, the Searwood XL 600, reveals a blend of sophisticated design and functionality. This examination includes detailed observations and reactions to its features.

Key Specifications

At the heart of the launch are two models: the Weber Searwood XL 600 and its counterpart, the Searwood 600 Pellet Grill. Both models boast a temperature spectrum from 180 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, setting a slightly cooler starting point compared to the Weber Smokefire series. Remarkably, they achieve maximum temperature in about 15 minutes, ensuring quick setup for grilling sessions. Each grill is equipped with a comprehensive sear zone across the entire grate, eliminating the need for zone-specific cooking and ensuring an even, high-temperature sear.

Enhancements include a user-friendly control panel with large, easy-to-read displays of temperature, time, and other critical data. Integration with the Weber Connect App adds a layer of convenience, allowing for remote monitoring and control. The grills also feature SmokeBoost, Weber's answer to Traeger's SuperSmoke, enriching flavors with a deeper smoke infusion.

The Difference is in the Details

The primary distinction between the two models lies in their size. The XL 600 offers a generous 972 square inches of cooking space, with 630 square inches designated as the main grate area. The standard 600 model provides a total of 648 square inches, with 420 square inches on the main grate. These dimensions position the grills closely with the Smokefire line, yet introduce new elements that enhance the grilling experience.

First Impressions

The introduction of these models signals Weber's significant pivot towards pellet grilling, adopting design elements reminiscent of Traeger, including the pellet box placement and the grease management system. This evolution is not viewed negatively; rather, it signifies Weber's commitment to diversifying and enhancing the pellet grill market.

The anticipation around these grills is palpable. The shift towards pellet grilling by a reputable brand like Weber promises to elevate the grilling game, offering aficionados more quality options to explore and enjoy.

Visual Exploration

Annotated Weber Searwood XL 600 image.

In conclusion, Weber's foray into the wood pellet grill arena with the Searwood series marks an exciting development for grill masters seeking innovation, efficiency, and quality in their outdoor cooking adventures.

Updated April 2024

Weber is now starting to show some of the accessories that are available. Since the grill can get to a max temp of 600 degrees, it opens up the possibilities.


Weber Searwood Comaptible Rotisserie

They have made Spirit accessories comaptible with the Searwood, and since it can get up to 600 degrees it makes it a perfect rotisserie, and over a wood flame.


Weber Searwood Compatible Griddle

The griddle which isn't particularly big is 22.67"W x 17.29"D, is big enough to griddle food for a family. The great thing about this griddle is that it would work on both the searwood and a Spirit gas grill.

Final Thoughts on this update

I like the fact that Weber is putting together more of a system approach, so that if you own a Searwood and a Weber Spirit Propane Gas Grill, the accessories you buy for one will work on the other.

I like this consumer friendly approach.

Searwood Questions And Answers

Weber has not provided a specific release date, but suggest it will come out in the Spring of 2024.

Yes. The Weber Smokefire has already been discontinued (as a "Last Chance") on the Weber Website. Interestingly enough the prices haven't been lowered.

If you are in the market for a Pellet Grill, and you want to get a Weber, I would wait for the Searwood. Pellet Grills are like any Electronics purchases, they are only as good as the manufacturer supports them. And in the case of the Weber it is discontinued.

Plus the Searwood has a cheaper price point, and it is integrated into the "Weber Crafted" system of accessories. All win-wins.